Friday, December 30, 2005

Brain Washing and Drying Up

As well as the rather obsessive bowel cleansing that seems to be a requisite for any detox program, i`m adding in a mental program too - its kind of a mental detox and intelligence increase program.


- not buying or reading any newspapers - they give only distorted views, and the news they carry tend to encourage a sense of helplessness, fear and outrage. I'm not watching Eastenders any more either for the same reasons.

- music - i`m listening to classical music for the first time in my life. I'm also revisiting my 4AD mystical music collection of "Dead Can Dance", "Cocteau Twins" and "This Mortal Coil".

- internal dialogue - i`m paying closer attention to my internal dialogue and any negative thought i may have. I'm thinking 10 nice things a day and practicing smiling in the mirror to help stimulate the happy gland and release the happy juices.

- internut - google "safesearch" function is now activated.

- meditation: I am extending my meditation routine to 10 minutes of TM per day, a daily 20 minute use of the Alpha Stim ( and a nightly 60 minute Proteus session.

- Yoga - i have enrolled in yoga classes again, starting next week.

Intelligence Increase:

800mg of Piracetam daily
4.5mg of Hydergine FAS
400mg Gingko Biloba
250mg Brahmi Satva
1000mg Hypericum

This is in addition to the Chyawanaprash purchased from the great folks at The Nandi Shanthi Shop:, Milk Thistle, vitamin `B` tablets and lecithin (no idea what lecithin does, but i`m told it is important for a detox).

I rattle.


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