Thursday, December 29, 2005

It's all about motion(s)....

Yesterdays shopping trip to Tesco`s was preceded by a visit to the health food shop. I only intended to buy some cheap lentils, but they had a sale on and the rather enthusiastic shop assistants on hearing of my detox adventure gave me a quick tour of the aisles.

I left with:

a large bag of prunes (pitted)
a bottle of "aloe vera bowel cleanse" tablets
4 bags of lentils (x2 red, x2 green)
large bag of dried soya chunks (looks a bit like winalot)
bottle of sage capsules
more bottles of milk thistle capsules (there were half price)
a bottle of vitamin b complex
box of clipper green tea
Andrew's liver salts
2 bags of pumpkins seeds
1 very large bag of shelled sunflower seeds

There were more things that i needed apparently, but i staggered out the shop bewildered and headed quickly back to base camp.

In Tescos i filled my mini-trolley with green things, posh brown bread (no more cheap Tescos-own brown bread for me), tomato juice, carrots, bags of salad, herbal teas, decaffeinated tea, fruit, more prunes, simple soap/shampoo etc. I headed excitedly to the tills to walked the mile long row of checkouts loooking for my favorite checkout lady, but she wasn't working there that day. Instead i had Stuart, undoubtedly a student who looked like he was beginning to regret choosing to work the day after what had clearly been a previous night of much merryment. "I'm doing a detox" i told him to try and perk him up a little. "Do you have a clubcard?" he replied, completely ignoring my enthusiasm. I tried to quickly think of something witty, but i`ve learned from these experiences that whilst i might satisfy whatever emotional need is occuring at the time, i tend to look back on my wittiness and cringe in the early hours of the following morning.

So, having eaten just a few lentils and soya chunks, fruit, and leafy green things yesterday, and taken three of my aloe vera bowel cleanse tablets (it said do not take more than one in 24 hours, but they are tiny so i thought i`d chance it), taken three doses of Andrew`s liver salts, i feel ready today to start the bowel cleanse. I'll wait until Official Housemate has gone to work and will report my findings later on...


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