Saturday, December 31, 2005

Woolly Tongue Jacket

This morning i awoke with a rather unpleasant taste in my mouth. In inspection in the bathroom, i learned that my tongue had turned yellow owing to the sizable amount of gunk that coated it. I brushed, i flossed and then located my ayurvedic tongue scraper that i bought with some ayurvedic herbs some time ago. The sheer amount of gunk was quite incredible. Suppressing the gag reflex (i`m sure this will be easier with practice) i scraped and scraped and still it kept coming. I'm de-gunking.

Vitamin `B` tablets turn my urine bright, bright yellow. I'm sure it would glow in the dark if i bottled it.

My skin is clearer and noticably less oily. The ever present acne on my back is clearing and i have a healthy looking "flush" to my cheeks. My legs do ache a bit though from all the jogging but my nasal airways are clearer than they have been for years. My spine creaks, but not unpleasantly, from the reinstigation of my yoga regime, which i have neglected for about a year now.

I feel alert and a need to do stuff.

I am the duracell bunny.


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