Sunday, January 01, 2006

"Bounce and bounce and bounce and bounce, fun, fun fun, fun, fun...

...oh the most wonderful thing about tiggers is that i`m the only one..."

I am beginning to feel the energy levels that i used to have as a child. It is proving a little problematic at the moment - now that i am no longer sedating myself with booze and food that i don't need, i need things to do. The problem is that much of what i "did" revolved around places of in-toxic-ation - pubs, parties, social gatherings that involve beer, wine and cigarettes. I need to build a non-toxic social life. What on earth do people do?

So, in order to find out more about the universe, i`m joining the local Astronomy Society (handy, as it meets just 4 minutes walk from my house) and having studied Qabalah for 14 years (fortunately, i`ve never been so dim as to wear a bit of red string around my wrist) i`m switching now to Sufism and so am joining the local Sufi group - soon i`ll be whirling like a Dervish.

Any other suggestions appreciated.

Dave writes and advises i add in vitamin E to my daily cocktail - apparently it is not absorbed very well unless taken with a little fat, so it best to check that the capsules are mixed with cornoil before purchase. I shall buy some at the health food store later today (if it's open).

Mike writes to advise me that "tea" is made from leaves and is packed full of anti-oxidants and so isn't all that bad and it may be erroneous for detox-ers to shun "tea". I take this advise and so will not avoid tea, i will merely reduce the quantity having caffeinated tea only in the mornings. Avoiding coffee isn't an issue since i've never liked coffee, and following the DIY enema incident, will probably avoiding squirting it into the "basement". Mike also reminds of the news story that exposure to sunlight increases the skin's production of vitamin `D` which is the cure for all cancers....or something like that. I will spend ten minutes in the sun whenever it comes out.

Later today, i'm going to rig up a 400 watt halogen light and spend 20 minutes per day under it. I've always noticed that whenever i am in sunnier countries i feel so much happier and relaxed. I might combine this 20 minute brightness exposure with the Alpha Stim session. (

Current music: "Ode to Joy" by Beethoven, "The Hope Blister" by This Mortal Coil, "Floodland" by Sisters of Mercy, "Sleen and Ideal" by Dead Can Dance.

I bounce.


Blogger bobodhi Homeworld said...

Hi Andy, glad to hear the detox is such a hit.
Re: Sunlight and Vit D. Apparently the sun in this country is only strong enough 40% of the time to actually cause Vit D production in the body, so 10mins in Winter ain't gonna do it.. Your're better of with the bright light idea or a trip to you're locally 'tannery'. Obviously less more often is the key.
Keep up the good work.

7:34 PM  

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