Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I Pee Constantly...

Health Status - A quick recap on my detox regime so far:

x2 capsules of Milk Thistle
1000mg EPA Fish Oil
x1 tablet of “Aloe Vera Colon Cleanse”
1000mg Hypericum
800mg Piracetam
4.5mg Hydergine FAS
Vitamin `B` complex
250mg of Brahmi
400mg Gingko Biloba
x2 Sage capsules.
1 tsp Chyawanaprash
1000mg Lecithin

Two pints of water in the morning (I pee so often my pants feel damp).

Reduction of caffeine, introduction of green tea into my fluid intake.

Very high level of leafy green things in my diet, fruit, lentils and all sort of other healthy goodies. Nil crisps, cola, sugar or anything processed or considered “bad”.

Nil alcohol, nil tobacco.

Twice weekly liver salts

I’m awaiting the arrival of my Kombucha culture. I am exposing myself to bright light for 20 minutes a day via a 400-watt halogen light bulb (I expect the drug police to call round any day now), jogging about half a mile a day, I’m now a swimmer and start yoga later today. My serotonin levels overfloweth.

I use a Proteus for a one-hour session before sleep and use an Alpha Stim for 20-60 minutes a day.

I do a full round of EFT every morning tapping on whatever issue springs to mind at the time and am using NLP swishes on every negative thought I have.

I have had just one near death experience with a self administered colonic so far, but will be practicing the technique once a week.

Working at the college gets me fringe benefits in their health and beauty training department – so next week I’m booking myself in for a reflexology session. Official Housemate advises me to be careful – apparently the shifting of all the nasty toxins from the feet (they form into crystals apparently and are pulled downwards by gravity) can leave one feeling quite ill as the body excretes this evil. I remember from working in Casualty that the body's attempts to pee out crystals (i.e. kidney stones) is one of the most painful experiences anyone can have. All this from a foot rub? I will report back my findings in due course. I am fearless.

If the reflexology goes well, I will book in later for an Indian head massage, back/body massage and may even have a manicure while I’m at it.

I'm off to the farmer's market later to stock up on more greenstuff.

I glow.


Anonymous Daniel said...

Might consider adding more fish oil. Most studies I saw that showed significant differences with fish oil involved around 3g of epa per day. I'm currently taking that much and noticing it definitely has helped.

5:40 PM  

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