Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Minky-1 The Bubbing Rat

I must confess to a weekend of alcoholic indulgence that has left me feeling rather peaky today. I was doing well and wasn’t missing the booze at all really, but a phone call from friends with a pub invite kind of swayed me.

I drank…and I enjoyed it! Ha!

This peekiness could also be due in part to a sleep deficiency. Minky-1 escaped from her cage last night and made her way up to my bedroom at 4am. She’s getting really good at navigating her way round the house and has learned how to open doors. I've just got to teach her to close them again behind her.

I awoke to her pulling my hair whilst making her familiar “Bub! Bub! Bub! Bub!” noise. I couldn’t get back to sleep after that. Waking up to find myself being eaten alive by a bubbing rat is enough to give anyone a restless night.

Needless to say, I shall be returning immediately to my detox adventure with vigour. The lure of clear healthy skin, boundless energy and that strange sense of self-assurance is just way too appealing.

The self-assurance thing is strange in itself. I find it hard to explain, but essentially all those petty self-doubts I used to have around other people vanished. When I’m around other people, I feel nice. In some odd kind of way, I’m turning into a people person.

The indirect psychological change thing really interests me. Years ago I worked with a guy who was a nutritional therapist. Many of the “alternative” therapists tend to be a bit wacky with some strange and often unintelligent ideas, but this guy was amazing. His ideas were strange though.

He absolutely believed that all psychological problems were nutritional in origin and all psychological problems should be treated nutritionally.

“Your cells can only build themselves out the atoms and molecules you put into your body.” He told me. “If you give them rubbish to build with, the chances are high that what they build will be rubbish.”

Essentially he claimed that humans are remarkably adaptable psychologically and we evolve and develop according to our experience, but homeostasis is always maintained thus keeping us on a positive path.

“The nutritionally healthy brain,” he said, “always develops to overcome traumas and psychic hurts - it is strengthened by its experiences - but only if it has the right building blocks from which to build.”

The guy was a very clever man and taught me a lot. I’d always given credence to his theories only in part, not totally.

However, the changes that have occurred in my own psychological behaviours have me intrigued. I am finding changes occurring where I never expected to find changes.

This is good. I’m metamorphosing.

I change.


Blogger Trance said...

Very cool, the psychological change

Sian and I got pretty legless last night, me not having drunk for nearly four weeks... it was amazing the difference in confidence. Today, I can barely bring myself to answer the phone. I think to myself "shit, I used to do this all the time" :-(

I will not drink again

Toxins... what are toxins but a metaphor for shit you don't need!!!

3:33 PM  

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