Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tantric Dreams?

Strange things are happening.

Last night I had a dream whereby I visited a long since forgotten childhood event. The nature of this event isn’t important – the subsequent unpleasant feeling it left me with is.

What's strange is that until this dream, I’d never been consciously aware of the residual negative feeling. In the dream, I realised how often I’ve had this feeling and how often it's driven and directed behaviours in me that I usually regretted afterwards.

In my dream I found myself as an adult with a conscious awareness of this feeling and so I started EFT tapping to rid myself of it once and for all.

Nothing happened.

I tapped on the opposite side of the body and still nothing happened.

I was puzzled.

Suddenly, a female person - well known to me and never thought of in a sexual way before -appeared and showed me a most novel application of EFT.

(Information on EFT can be found at Gary Craig's site:

I guess my years of studying Tantra are also paying off.

The feeling disappeared and was replaced with something far more fun.

In NLP there is often reference to “unconscious competence” – this is like learning to ride a bicycle. At first everything is a conscious effort, but after a while the child moves the skills to an unconscious level of competence and no longer makes conscious effort in riding the bike. It seems with the daily application of EFT an unconscious competence at resolving engrained issues has arisen.

I practice daily.

I am continant.


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