Friday, February 10, 2006

Blue Light Wake Up Call

You really like yourself, don’t you?”

These were the words said to me by a colleague recently. The words were said with a snidey tone that suggested that liking myself was somehow a bad thing – a thing to be criticised.

I’d understand it if somehow I’d been lauding myself, or my achievements, over another person. But I hadn’t. The verbal assault was provoked because I was sat doing my paperwork, feeling nice about the world and nice about myself. I think I might have been smiling or something as well.

It’s amazing how few people seem to spend their days feeling nice about themselves.

I was in town earlier in order to show my documents at the police station and pay the speeding fine (98.2 mph, so no mitigations on my part). I was amazed at what I saw as I looked around whilst walking across town – ugly attitudes and scowling faces, people avoiding eye contact, frightened people, paranoid people, people who don’t smile. Everyone in a hurry - don't stop, don't show weakness, don't trust.

The only people who seemed smiley and chatty this morning was the desk sergeant who checked my documents and the small mongrel tied up outside the library who was determined to have a good sniff of my left leg. The nice Indian lady in the post office was smiley too. Every time I am in India, I am always impressed with how smiley everyone is. Despite their many problems, India seems to be a happy place.

I really must wonder how many people in the South of England actually like themselves? I mean, deep down, really, truly like who they are?

I do like myself and I enjoy being me. Years ago I didn’t though – years ago I was a plonker, but that is all in the past now. I’m glad that is all over – and the experience helps me tremendously when working with clients. I really do know what it is like to lose one’s mind and have my world collapse around me. Like my speeding fine, it was an important wake up call to pay attention to what I was doing.

So these days when some toxic or negative person says to me, “You really like yourself, don’t you?” I can only smile and say, “Yes I do, thank you.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spot on, Andy, and I'm glad you do!


8:24 AM  
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